Presentations in Naar and Undale

Today I joined Dr. Bipin Uncle, the visiting doctors from California, Bhupendra Uncle’s Mama and nephew and Mohan Kaka on visits to Naar and Rohini as part of the 2nd day of the medical camp. Mohan Kaka is very highly respected and well known in Khambhat because of all of the work he has done around education ehre. I really enjoy his outlook on life – be on time, don’t waste time, and get things done. The word “No” doesn’t exist in his dictionary; he always like to look for solutions to problems. I’d love to spend some more time talking to him. I think he has a lot of wisdom to offer.

There were already patients waiting to be seen when we arrive in Naar. It was a little bit chaotic at first but managed to settle quickly. There were a total of 4 doctors and nurses assisting with all the patients. While I was waiting to gather a group of women to chat with, I socialized with patients and also watched what the nurses were doing. The physicians and nurses were able to provide almost 150 patients with care before we left!

As the women were finishing seeing the doctor, I asked them if they could spare 5-10 for me to share information on breast cancer. They were all quite polite and agreed to hear my presentation. About 25 women gathered up and I gave my presentation on the other side of the room. As usual I went over all the details about BCA and what steps to take in early detection. My posters and leaf-lets are very helpful, especially the 12 signs of BC (lemons in carton). A few of the women approached me after the presentation to ask to speak in private. I advised both of them to see a doctor about their concerns as I am not a physician.

I left Naar earlier than everyone else as I wanted stop in Rohini on the way to Cardiac Center. However, I received a call from Chandrikaben Bhrambhat from PHC saying that I was late to my presentation in Undale. We had arranged it the last time I was in Rohini and it had completely slipped my memory. I rushed over to Undale as I didn’t want to lose the women who were waiting there. The meeting went really well and I left behind extra leaflets as well. The connection between PHC and Cardiac Center has been wonderful. They have really made an effort to schedule village visits for me and in helping spread awareness. They’ve helped arrange over 17 presentations in villages, at schools and rotary clubs between January 30th and February 5th. I can’t wait!

I was back at the CCC by 4 pm and took some rest. I went down to give my schedule for next week to Sarvangbhai and Dipalbhai when Bhupendra Uncle called to ask if I wanted to come see the last surgery he and Dr. Parmar were performing. I went right over to the general hospital to see a fistula in the arm of a 29 year old lady. It was my first surgery, and needlesstosay, very interesting!

At about 8:30 pm, we had the whole newspaper staff come interview us. Bhupendra Uncle briefed all of them about each of us, what we are doing and how it is good for the Center and its patients.

After a long, excitement packed day, we all enjoyed dinner together in the canteen.

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