Presentations in Dhuvran, Khadodhi & Haripura

Today I visited Dhuvran, Khadodhi, Haripura, and I also did a presentation for the Inner Will Club.

We started the morning at the PHC in Dhuvran where I ran into Dr. Himanshu who I had met at the Balesa medical camp. Neither of us knew that the other was going to be there and it was nice to see him again. There was a wedding happening in the village at the same time as my presentation so only a few women had gathered when I arrived. The PHC sister went to call everyone who was waiting in line for lunch at the wedding and had them sit down to listen for a few minutes. It was more difficult to gather women for an educational event when there was a wedding going on! I don’t blame them though and totally understood their desire to be at the wedding. This presentation was shorter than usual but just as informative.

We had a few minutes between village visits so we stopped at the famous Dhuvaran Ocean . We went to the top of the Mataji temple so get a full view of the ocean. The area felt very peaceful since the temple was closed at the time.

Next we headed to Khadodhi, a very small village with a population of 1200 people. A large group of women had already gathered when I arrived. I completed my presenatation and the PHC sister encouraged all of them to ask questions without being shy. One of the women in the back of the room told her breast cancer story. She and her sister both had breast cancer. She had her breast removed when they found her cancer and did not go through chemotherapy. She explained that she did not believe her sister had chemotherapy, mostly because she had no idea what any of these medications are. However, when I asked if her sister’s hair had fallen out, I had a better understanding of the situation. I told them that they should have their daughters go through early screenings for breast cancer since it can be hereditary.

After the presentation we had tea and got ready to leave. On the way out, we stopped to look at these crane-like birds I had seen on the way in. It was a nice break to our day!

We ended out village visits in Haripura where the women had already gathered for a panchayat meeting. A very quiet ground of women had assembled within 20 minutes. They all listened very carefully and had no questions at the end of the presentation. I asked them to share the information with everyone in their lives to help spread the awareness. These women may save a life one day.

I returned to the CCC around 5:00pm and got ready for a presentation at the Inner Will Society. We started on time at 6:00pm with a welcome from the President. One of the society members had breast cancer a few years ago, but no one knew if she had had radiation or chemotherapy. Most of the health information is kept quiet in India and that kind of personal information is not share with others. Matran Madam from the General Hospital had come along with me as she belongs to the society. She closed the presentation by saying we have to care for our breasts in the same way that we care for our faces. Each part of the body is important so it is especially important that we pay attention to change. It was a great way to end the presentation and the day!

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