Kaanisa- March 1, 2013 – charotar district-population-3000

This village was a lot of fun as so many women took interest in learning about the disease. It was a small PHC and we filled it up to max. About 95 women came. I met a Asha worker who’s auntie died from breast cancer. It was found at a later stage so it had spread in the lungs and in the brain and so on… She didn’t survive. If that woman had some awareness or education of the disease may be she would have found the diseases earlier and may be her chance of survival would have been there.
There was a man making a lot of noise outside the building and so I asked if there was a problem! The Asha worker told me that the man who was screaming outside, his wife sitting in and listening to the presentation which he didn’t like so he was making noise but the wife kept on doing what she Wanted to do and that was to learn about Breast Cancer. Today, I’m happy to learn that women like her are standing up for whats right and whats wrong for them. The health awareness will not only educate her but may be some day she may be able to help another woman. Knowledge is key to early detection!

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