March 2, 2013 Khambhat- Lioness Club And Bhagani Samaj

We reached in time to Lions club hall in Khambhat after spending so much time in Machipura. It was that time of the day “tea time” the women were just arriving slowly but surely.
These women who belong to the clubs are pretty well to do but some are still ignorant, unaware of the signs of early detections, mammogram and self-exam. I started by just briefly telling them about three main things about breast cancer that I mentioned above.
Today, I also wanted to focus on how to make minor life style changes by eating healthy and exercising and by doing that it can bring wonders to one’s life and gear towards disease free body.   Eating a low fat diet-low calorie diet, less sugar and salt helps maintain weight, blood pressure and sugar levels. To have 20 min of walking or other exercise in their routine is the best thing to have a healthy heart and maintain weight.
Most of the women were above 40 so we set-up a list of names of who should get a mammogram.
image image image image

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