March 2, 2013 Village of Machipura- population-


About 5 kilometers from Khambhat. Again a very small village but the largest group of women came, close to 150. I was just amazed and so happy to see so many women came to learn about BCA. I would say a good mixture of young and old aged women came.
In this large of a group I’m sure their are many who know how to sing and in a small village they all know who has a sweet voice so while we were waiting for others to come I would always ask them to sing. Main singer starts and the rest follow so its a like a orchestra by itself. It’s usually always a religious song. It’s just wonderful!
This group of women were very eager and ready to learn and understand about the disease. They followed my instructions as I was their teacher in a classroom. Like pointing out the 12 signs of early detection or showing a picture of how to do self breast exam.  Just amazing how they showed such serious interest.
The projector had to be set-up indoors in a small room attached to this outdoors open but covered place. The room was very small for 150 women but they all fit some how! You will see from my photos how they all fit in that room. But before before we started the presentation video it was question-answer and talk time. There is alway at least one case of BC that I will hear from each village. Most of the time it’s full mastectomy or terminal cases. Today, a woman  and her two daughters age 25 and 22 are sitting in front of me, the mother went through breast cancer. Full mastectomy of one breast but has survived the disease due to early stage detection.  I asked if she gets annual mammograms and she said “No” so I suggested that you do a mammogram once a year for sure and if you need financial help we at CCC will do it free of charge. Also, I told both of her daughters to go for mammograms as the mother has had the disease and their is a possibility of them  carrying the gene.
Some will get nervous and worried that they will get breast cancer just like that but i would tell them to learn and to be aware and to be educated about the disease is better then being so unknown.  Knowing the early signs of breast cancer, doing monthly self exam (10 min) and annual mammograms for age 40 and above is the key to early detection in cancer.
They all piled in the room to watch the presentation. Again, showed so much interest and quietly watched and absorbed.
Before I left I had asked them to make a list of all the women over 40 so we can do free mammograms for all. So many were to go for mammogram at CCC in the next few weeks. I really want women of Gujarat to understand that annual mammogram is important for age 40 and above for early detection and more important then that is monthly self-exam. Most of the time it’s the women who find a lump on their own while doing self-exam.

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