March 1, 2013 Village of Nagra -charotar district -population- 10,000

imageA group of 50 women were waiting when we got there but I told them its worth your time. It took us a little time to set up the projection as some of these places are not set up to run such technical equipments. Lots of young Asha workers attended today’s presentation. It’s nice to learn that lot of them are aloud to work outside their homes.  Asha workers main work is to visit the 1000 people they are assigned in a village to educate and bring awareness on health related issues. After learning from me about breast cancer, they can educate  the village women on how to look for early signs in detecting breast cancer, how to take only 5-10 min monthly to do breast self exam and why its important to do a mammogram after the age of 40. We always carry lots of pamphlets to hand out and we give extra especially to Asha workers so they can hand them out to other women on their visits

image image

I came across a woman who’s mother had breast cancer and didn’t survive. I suggested to here that she must get a mammogram as you may carry your mothers genes or may not! but it’s good to check as sometimes genes play a big role and her age was also 43. At CCC we are providing free mammograms to so many women and specially to the poor women who can’t afford to.
We had some nice hot sweet Indian coffee and headed back to khambhat. What a satisfying day! Today, I reached out to so many women who are wanting to learn about how to live a healthy life.

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